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Background image: Central School District All-Star Employer

Central School District 13J Has a Winning Formula for Wellness

Central School District 13J was named the 2017 All-Star Employer for Workplace Wellness. 

Under the leadership of Superintendent Buzz Brazeau and a team of Get Fit coordinators, 13J has implemented a comprehensive wellness program that increases their staff’s access to wellness information and helps them apply that information to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Get Fit activities include cooking, hiking, bowling, yoga, boot camp and a variety of other exercise classes. Every school has a GET FIT coordinator to help encourage participation, track progress and communicate the program’s activities. Each school year begins and ends with wellness assessments, body age testing and biometric screenings.

Staffers wear their Get Fit shirts every Wednesday during the school year, and the entire community knows about the program because of the shirts.

The district serves school-age children in the Independence and Monmouth area.

Buzz Brazeau
I think one of the greatest things about this program is the level of dedication, collaboration, and volunteerism that supports it. It’s a true indicator of our communities and our district.
Buzz Brazeau, Superintendent Central School District 13J
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