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SSOE Group Creates a Culture of Health 

SSOE Group’s exemplary commitment to employee health and wellness has earned them the title of the 2018 All-Star Employer.

Over the years, SSOE Group, a global delivery firm for architecture, engineering and construction management, has implemented a variety of wellness programs that promote preventive care and overall well-being to enable each employee to be productive while enjoying all aspects of life.

In addition to a holistic benefits program, the firm’s wellness committee empowers individuals to participate in wellness activities, such as an online program that provides health, fitness, well-being, nutrition, financial and team challenges, and includes free health screenings, flu shots, assessments and unlimited health coaching. They also offer a fruit of the week, gym or Weight Watchers subsidy and discounts on Garmin devices.

To improve work-life balance, the firm provides generous paid time off and paid parental leave, as well as flexible work arrangements to accommodate various lifestyles.

SSOE Group demonstrates leadership in raising the level of engagement among employees by creating a culture of health that encourages, supports and rewards healthy living.

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