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Fun, Innovative Inspiration From Past All Star Employer Nominees

Encouraging and engaging in health and wellness activities at work creates a happy and high-performing environment where employees work together toward a common goal: improving fitness, health and safety in the workplace. Below are a few innovative ideas we feel employers of any size can implement in their workplace to create a fun, healthy and happy workplace.

Adpearance (Portland) provides Razor scooters and bikes in the office for employees to ride to meetings or take a cruise around the office for a quick break.

Anvil Media (Portland) dedicates a day each quarter to team building, where they typically participate in a physical activity event, such as a scavenger hunt, rafting, paintballing, etc. This gets staff outdoors and engaged in physical activity that creates excitement and motivation, cultivating team bonding.

Central School District 13J (Monmouth) hosts a variety of wellness programs for their staff. New this year, they’ve implemented stress release activities, including a coloring contest, mindfulness information and activities, BINGO and craft night.

eROI (Portland) employees participate in weekly yoga/meditation sessions, and twice a month they take self-defense classes. Also, employees are encouraged to work from home twice a month to improve work-life balance.

GloryBee (Eugene) promotes company runs, walks, fitness programs and healthy eating, and offers cash incentives for healthy living lifestyles, such as riding your bike to work. An active safety team ensures each employee stays safe not only at work, but also in their leisure hours.

Hewlett Packard Inc. (Corvallis) makes safety a top priority and combines safety and wellness activities to engage employees in fun competition that gets them moving. Recently, employees engaged in an “AED walk,” where they walked through a designated path to find all the AED’s on site. Participation was rewarded with a piece of fruit and bottled water.

Nvoicepay (Beaverton) brings in fresh fruit and granola/power bars every week for employees and has a sparkling and flavored water machine in the kitchen to encourage hydration. Their Culture and Communication Committee chooses wellness initiatives every month, challenging employees to meet certain goals such as getting eight hours of sleep or stretching/meditation.

Partnerships in community living (Monmouth, Corvallis, Salem, Albany, Southern Oregon) provides wellness opportunities, such as Zumba, boot camp fitness classes, weight management groups, book clubs and financial classes. They encourage participation in Biggest Loser activities and offer scholarships to join fitness events.

Perlo Construction (Portland) hosts monthly events, including yoga, meditation, office 5Ks, desk stretching, community service projects, body biometrics testing, blood drives, Whole30 potlucks, step challenges, chair massages, self-defense classes, team relay runs, lunch walks and afternoon fitness minutes (wall sits, planks, lunges, etc.).

Port of Portland (Portland) partners with an online cooking school to bring healthy meal planning and preparation knowledge to their employees, which has lead to several employees trying new diets and encouraging conversations that take place in office kitchens. They’ve also created a mindful space filled with books, puzzles and art for employees to relax and share.

SAIF Corporation (Salem) brings a farm stand to the office weekly during summer for employees to easily access healthy fruits and vegetables. To get employees moving, you can often see a fiery game of ping-pong happening throughout the day.

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