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Learn Some Workplace Wellness Tips from Our 2017 Nominees

More and more local employers are finding creative ways to engage their employees in workplace wellness programs. Many can be accomplished on a modest budget with the help of a volunteer employee team. Here are a few of our favorite ideas from the nominations we received for last year’s All-Star Employer Award. We feel these are initiatives that companies of any size can realistically implement.

Stahlbush Island Farms (Corvallis) encourages physical fitness by sponsoring employee entry fees for the Corvallis Half-Marathon & 5K. Full time employees were recently given two additional days of paid time off each year (at Christmas and Thanksgiving) to make it easier for employees to plan for and use their PTO, while also allowing them to be with their families.

AKS Engineering & Forestry (Tualatin) hosts employee softball and basketball leagues and operates a worksite snack bar with healthy options such as protein shakes, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Tec Laboratories (Albany) promotes physical activity through individual and team pedometer challenges, hikes and free access to a local gym. They also encourage wellness by providing sleep packs, sleep masks, lavender essential oils, cold prevention packs and more.

Running Princess (Corvallis) offers free yoga classes, self-defense trainings, walking programs, and discounts on athletic shoes and clothing.

Mead & Hunt (Portland) has an Office Safety Champion in each office. Champions are responsible for supporting and managing safety training, reviewing emergency procedures, coordinating exercises and drills, conducting office safety inspections and working with managers and others to promote a culture of safety. They also have a program called Mead & Hunt Cares which offers paid time off for individual community service and monetary matches for charitable donations.

Benton County (Corvallis) hosted a Biggest Loser challenge for employees that resulted in a combined weight loss of over 300 pounds.

Therapeutic Associates - Scholls Physical Therapy (Beaverton) extends the lunch hour for employees that participate in lunchtime group workouts. This allows extra time for participants to shower, change and eat before returning to work.

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