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Plans for 51+ Employees

Samaritan Health Plans offers large group plans for Oregon businesses with more than 50 employees. Our integrated health plans and wellness programs help hold the line on your insurance costs by engaging your employees and their families in maintaining and improving their health.

For information on our various plan offerings, contact your broker or a Samaritan Health Plans sales agent.

Large Group Plan Information


For plans with an effective start date in 2021, review the 2021 Certificate - Large Group Plans.

Some Services Require Authorization

Coverage of certain medical services and surgical procedures requires Samaritan Health Plans’ written authorization before the services are performed. Your provider can request prior authorization by phone, fax or mail. If for any reason your provider will not or does not request prior authorization for you, you must contact Samaritan Health Plans yourself. In some cases, additional information or a second opinion can be required before authorizing coverage. Review the 2021 Authorization List - Large Group Plans. 

Additional Benefits Available 

Our large group plans can be customized with the following optional benefits:

Schedule of Benefits

Brokers can contact their Samaritan Health Plans sales representative for detailed information. Employers can call their broker or sales representative.

Looking for Additional Forms & Documents?

Find forms, certificates and other important plan documents in our Plan Administrators section.

High Deductible Health Plans

Traditional Plans

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Friendly, Local Service. Statewide Network.

Samaritan Health Plans understands the needs of our members and groups vary. We have developed two provider networks, that complement our benefit offerings. In addition to offering the expertise of our Samaritan primary care providers and specialists, we partner with other provider groups and hospital systems throughout the state of Oregon to meet the needs of our members.

And our large and small group plans use a comprehensive formulary and an extensive pharmacy network for your clients’ prescription drug coverage.