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Made in Oregon, for Oregon Business

For the Oregon business owner, like you, who needs an effective way to keep their workforce healthy, motivated and productive, Samaritan Health Plans provides integrated health plans and wellness programs. We created our plans for our own employees, and have proven the link between healthier employees and lower health care costs.
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The Road to Healthier Employees, Lower Costs

Our plans hold the line on an employer’s insurance costs by engaging employees and their families in maintaining and improving their health.

Samaritan Health Plans works in partnership with you and your employees to create and maintain a culture of health and wellness that supports flexible, affordable, and sustainable ways to prevent illness and improve well-being.

We Know Firsthand What Health Care ROI Can Do for Your Business

Samaritan Health Plans has achieved a return on the health insurance investment (ROI) we make for ourselves, and we want to do it for you. With an innovative approach to health care, we flat-lined our health insurance costs, reduced worker’s comp costs and lowered employee risk levels.

Our approach can help your business create and maintain a culture of health and wellness with shared responsibility and rewards. The approach allows your business to:

  • See more of your health care dollar going into creating good health and less into treating preventable diseases.
  • Lower the rate at which your health plan costs rise each year.
  • Increase your financial stability and the ability to invest those resources in your people, programs and services that affect your bottom line.
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Partner with Oregon’s Healthiest Employer

For four of the past five years, Samaritan has been named Oregon’s Healthiest Employer in the 1500+ employee category by Portland Business Journal. With its own self-insured plan, Samaritan has achieved a return on investment through a commitment to workplace wellness.

As the state’s healthiest employer, Samaritan is inviting Oregon businesses to join a health plan with an award-winning formula for healthier employees and lower costs.