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Taking care of your body means getting physical activity, healthy foods and sleep

  • Try to be active at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Get regular check-ups.
  • Avoid tobacco, illegal drugs and drinking too much alcohol.

Teach wellness to your child:

  • Go on a bike ride.
  • Give your child water or milk, rather than juice or soda.
  • Aim for 11 hours of sleep each night.


Challenge your mind by recognizing creative abilities and finding ways to expand your knowledge and skills.

  • Take a class or read a book.
  • Research a topic that interests you.
  • Work on a sodoku or crossword puzzle.

Teach wellness to your child:

  • Teach your child a new card game like go-fish, UNO or spades.
  • Encourage imagination. 
  • Visit the library.


Find ways to grow your skills and be satisfied and enriched at work and school.

  • Communicate with your supervisor regularly.
  • Get support when you need it.
  • Develop your skills and confidence to reach your career goals.

Teach wellness to your child:

  • Have your child help with house chores.
  • Ask your child about school.
  • Support your child in the activities that he or she may find interesting.
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Expand your sense of purpose and find meaning in life.

  • Make time for yourself, nature and others.
  • Find a community that shares your spiritual outlook.
  • Volunteer with an organization of your choice.

Teach wellness to your child:

  • Have your child tell you one thing they are thankful for every day.
  • Take a nature walk and look for different types of insects and flowers.
  • Reflect on a big project that your child has done well.


Take care of your financial health by accepting and understanding your money situation.

  • Budget and spend thoughtfully and carefully.
  • Open checking and savings accounts.
  • Meet with a retirement specialist.

Teach wellness to your child:

  • Start a savings account for your child and teach them to save.
  • Help your child learn the difference between want and need.
  • Take your child grocery shopping and talk about prices and making smart buying choices.
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Get connected.  Create a strong sense of belonging and have a good support system.

  • Connect with one person each day. Call, email, text or visit someone!
  • Join a club, social group or support group.
  • Volunteer with an organization that shares your passions.

Teach wellness to your child:

  • Look for community activities your family can attend.
  • Participate in an event at your child’s school.
  • Get to know your child’s friends. Invite them to do something with the family.


Coping effectively with life and having satisfying relationships will help with your emotions.

  • Seek support for coping with your emotions.
  • Find healthy ways to deal with stress.
  • Find ways to view challenges as opportunities.

Teach wellness to your child:

  • Help your child do something nice for someone they appreciate.
  • Teach your child to take a few deep breaths when they are frustrated.
  • Encourage your child to write or draw how they feel.
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Surround yourself with places that are safe, pleasant and stimulating.

  • Paint a wall, organize a closet or donate extra household items.
  • Spend time outdoors.
  • Evaluate your space. See how you can make it more safe.

Teach wellness to your child:

  • Have your child keep their room clean and teach them to care for their toys.
  • Have a day of no screen time for your child — no phones, games or TV.
  • Help your child decorate their room with artwork that they have created.
Page Updated 12/7/2022